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Lilith: Power

The following is excerpted exactly from The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and the illustrations are by Hrana Janto. For more information on their work, please visit the following websites:
Amy Sophia Marashinsky:
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Hrana Janto:


I dance my life for myself

I am whole

I am complete

I say what I mean

and I mean what I say

I dance the dark and the light

the conscious and the unconscious

the sane and the insane

and I speak from myself


with total conviction

without regard for how I might look

All the parts of myself

flow into the whole

all my divergent selves unite as one

I listen

to what needs to be heard

I never make excuses

I feel my feelings

deeply and profoundly

I never hide

I live my sexuality

to please myself

and pleasure others

I express it as it needs to be expressed

from the core of myself

from the wholeness of my dance

I am female

I am sexual

I am power

I was greatly feared


Lilith (pronounced lil’ith) was originally the Sumerian Queen of Heaven, a Goddess older than Inanna. The Hebrews took the Goddess and transformed her into the first wife of Adam, who refused to lie beneath him when having intercourse. She insisted that because they were created equal, they needed to have sex equally. When Adam refused, she left him. Thereafter, in Jewish mythology, she was described as a demon.

Meaning of the Card:

Lilith appears to tell you to take back your power. Where are the places you have lost or given away your power? What beliefs do you hold that deny your power? Have you been told that powerful women never find mates? Or that women can’t have power because that would make them unfeminine? Have you been teased, shunned, ostracized by others when you’ve stepped into your power? Are you afraid of misusing your power to dominate or manipulate? Lilith says that the way to wholeness for you now lies in acknowledging that you’re not connecting with your power, then second coming to terms with and accepting your power.

Ritual Suggestion: Cord Cutting Ceremony

You may do this ritual suggestion at any time. Working with the lunar cycles will increase its power. A good time to cut cords is at the dark of the moon. The time to put on the cords is the day after the full moon. You may wear the cords till the new moon or keep them on for a longer or shorter period – whatever feels right for you.

You will need rope, yarn, string, or whatever feels right. It should be sturdy enough for you to wear for the length of time you have chosen. You will also need a pair of scissors, a knife, and an incense burner, cauldron, or wood-burning stove. You can do this alone or with others.

Preparation: Choose up to three ways you have not been in your power. Perhaps you’ve been afraid of stepping into your power or your beliefs keep you from expressing your power. Next decide on a date to put on the cords. It could be right now or you might want to align with the cycles of the moon. When you have decided on your date, assemble all the things listed above.

Ceremony: You may cast a circle or do whatever is appropriate for you. When ready, pick up your cord and cut it to the length desired. The length you choose will be determined by where on your body you plan to tie it, for example, your ankles, wrists, throat, waist. The place you choose will be determined by what the cord represents. If you want to transform what keeps you from walking in your power, you might tie cords around your ankles. If you have trouble speaking your truth, you might choose your throat. If fear of your sexuality keeps you from your power, you might tie the cord low around your hips. Do what feels right.

As you are tying the cord next to your skin, speak the meaning of the cord. For example, “This cord symbolizes my desire to be in my power by speaking my own truth.” When finished, go on to the next cord. You may choose to work with only one cord at a time or you may work with three. Be sure you can give attention to all the cords. During the days leading up to the cord cutting, you will need to focus on each cord and what it represents by looking at the cord or feeling it next to your skin.

On the day or night you have chosen to cut the cords, have the incense burner, cauldron or wood-burning stove, matches and a knife or scissors ready. You may cast a circle or do whatever is appropriate for you. When ready, light whatever you are using. Do you want to dance and drum wildly, shout the meaning of the cord and how you take you power back as you cut the cord? Or do you prefer to sit quietly, state the meaning of the cord and your desire to take back your power, then cut the cord? Do what is appropriate for you. You may want to cut each cord differently. Cut the first cord, go on to the next till all the cords are cut. Now take the cords and put them in your incense burner, cauldron, or wood-burning stove and watch them burn. Allow yourself to feel a surge of power as you watch each cord turn to smoke.

If you want to dance, let your dance symbolize your intention to take back power and whatever the cord means to you. When finished with your dance, cut your cords and put them in the fire.

If you are doing this with a group, the group can drum or play music. Each member will have time in the center of the circle dancing her cords. When she is done with her dance, she can cut the cords herself or designate another to cut them. She places them in the fire and when they have burned, it is the next person’s turn till everyone has danced, cut their cords and burned them.

Take a deep breath and feel your new sense of power. If you have cast a circle, release what you have called in with gratitude. Give thanks to Lilith for pointing the way to your power.

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