Friday, January 18, 2008

True Security


I have gotten myself all confronted with these past two themes that we’ve been exploring and so for inspiration, I turned to Living with Joy to see what message there was for me and something that I could share with you and this was what I received:

True security exists when all needs can be met by the self.

Most of you think that to have security you must find something or somebody in the outer world who will give you something that will make you feel secure. No one can give you anything before you give it to yourself. If you cannot give it to yourself then no one can give it to you either. This means that anything you are seeking right now to feel secure – such as money, a boyfriend or girlfriend, marriage, a home – none of those will fulfill that need until you have given yourself inner security.

Some of the things people think they need to feel secure are acknowledgment and recognition, praise, love, fame and fortune. Often love is demanded from others in a very specific way – so many phone calls a week, so many hugs, so many times the other person need to feel the world is safe, to feel that you are special, to feel a part of something. Many of you look to others to give this to you, and you find constant disappointment. You can satisfy your security needs yourself – you can love yourself, believe that the world is safe, acknowledge and recognize your accomplishments. Ultimately, only the self can fulfill the needs.”

Love to you,


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