Monday, January 14, 2008

Owning The Past

Dearest Goddeses,

This weeks Goddess is Blodeuwedd representing betrayal and the ritual suggestion is a journey to the past to heal a past betrayal.

I like this exercise and am excited about exploring this idea this week because it is a perfect place also to look at taking full responsibility for our lives and what we have created. All of us tend to hang on to hurts from the past and many of us have huge hurts – intense hurts – the stuff talk shows love to explore. But ultimately, when we hang on to those hurts and use them as excuses for why we are not living our best life - we are only limiting our greatness. It is up to us to explore those hurts, to heal those hurts, to forgive and to give up the payoff that those hurts have provided for us in our lives up until now – the payoff to avoid responsibility for living our best life!

A friend of mine was telling the story of a seminar that he had attended where a woman got up and shared that she had never allowed herself to experience love. When she looked back into her past, she shared a story about when she was 3 years old, her father – who she adored – went on an extended business trip and was gone for about 2 months. One day, she heard his voice on the porch and ran out to see him. She didn’t realize that he was talking to a client and she ran outside and jumped into his arms. Her father continued the conversation with his client, picked her up off his lap and put her on the ground. From that moment on, she didn’t allow herself to experience love – for that moment was a huge betrayal from her father – the ultimate showing of love and affection only to be “pushed aside” in her eyes. Now, looking at this story – sure it would have been great if her father had interacted in a different way, or cleaned up the mess that he created in that moment – but the facts are that he was in a business meeting and wasn’t able to give her the attention that she wanted – she made up the rest.

Ultimately everything that you experience today is the result of choices that you made in the past. If those choices are producing results that aren’t making you happy – well then you have the power to impact those results which will require you to leave the past in the past.

Patty’s Challenge: As is stated in the meaning of the card (see attached) look at the question “How have I betrayed myself” for all betrayal stems from self-betrayal. Heal a past wound and take away the power that it has over you.

Love to you,


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