Friday, April 11, 2008

Creating Pleasure

Dearest Goddesses,

I was thinking more about my post from yesterday regarding the spectrum between pleasure and pain. Although I do feel like you have a choice in many situations to choose pleasure – I noticed myself trying to practice what I preached yesterday and actually choose pleasure. There were moments when I would be telling myself “choose pleasure, choose pleasure” and it just wasn’t happening! One thing I’m very good at is being able to shift my perspective and consider the perspectives of others in whatever I might be going through at the time – but there are just those moments when I know exactly what I need to give up in order to shift it – but I just won’t – or in the moment it is simply too hard to see beyond my strong emotions.

So while I was “on it” yesterday (and this morning, I might add) I observed that pleasure and pain aren’t always on opposite spectrums. I think actually it’s about collapsing the spectrums and simply bringing pleasure into the pain. Pain and upset are always going to be there – you can definitely choose your reaction – but chances are while you’re still training yourself not to immediately go into assassin mode when something (or someone) does not go the way you envisioned – I think that pleasure can be used to heal the pain, the upset. For example – last night I was experiencing an upset and I went into my bedroom and there on my bed were all three of my dogs. They knew I was upset and I allowed the pleasure of their kisses and love even though I was inside the pain – and the pain/upset did not completely subside – but during those moments of pleasure I was taken care of and I was able to see through the upset.

There is an exercise that I heard through a teleseminar a year or so ago – and I apologize that I do not have the author – but I will share the exercise. It was called Flip Switching. He had you think of something that relaxed you or brought you pleasure (child’s laughter, playing with your pets, sunset over the mountains…) When you find yourself getting stressed or upset or in pain – STOP – and think about your relaxation thought for 17 seconds. And you will automatically feel yourself getting calmer.

Patty’s Challenge: When you find yourself getting stressed – try the flip switching exercise and actively try to shift your energy from pain to pleasure – or at least be willing to experience or look for pleasure while inside of the pain.

Creating Pleasure: Wow, it’s been awhile since I offered a creative project…What is coming to me this morning is creating a visual representation of your relaxed moment – or simply think about being relaxed and allow your intuition to guide you – don’t worry about the outcome or the product – simply allow yourself to go through the creative process – allow yourself to create.

Recommendation: I’ve been sharing bits and pieces from The Wheel of Life which I think is a fantastic book – but I’m also re-reading an old favourite of mine – Life Paint & Passion by Michele Cassau and Stuart Cubley. It is simply a fantastic book and although it is about painting and allowing your intuition to guide yourself through the creative process while painting – I think it works with any genre. It’s really a must read – especially for anyone not acknowledging their inner artist – or convinced that they are not creative.

Love to you,


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