Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Dearest Goddesses,

Every time I picked a goddess card a couple years ago, Corn Woman would come up – she represents nourishment and our relationship with food. I was always like, yeah, yeah, yeah – let me get creativity or passion! But honestly, it’s more than just our relationship with food, it’s about nourishment. I think our lifestyles today don’t always consider that aspect. We eat a bar that’s filled with all of the nutrients we need in a meal – but is it nourishing? We might be getting all of our vitamins and minerals, but…? And then on the flipside – if a meal is cooked with love in the home, but it might not have all the recommended daily vitamins, but it’s delicious and you’re surrounded by your family? It all depends I think on how you allow the nourishment in.

Patty’s Challenge: Take a look at your routine. Are you eating out? Grabbing food to go? Living on caffeine and a candy bar? Do you cook your own meals? Are you resentful? Just assess without the judgement. Where you are is simply where you are – it doesn’t require definition*

Where can you bring nourishment into your life? Allow yourself to be nourished – and the best way is to follow Corn Woman’s ritual.

*We get so stuck I think in trying to figure ourselves out that we end up adding definitions that tend to limit us or create excuses. “I’m not a good cook, I hate cooking” or “I don’t have the time”. Try to unlearn some things about you so that you can start surprising yourself.

Love to you,

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