Monday, July 28, 2008

Hide & Seek

Dearest Goddesses,

I feel like I've been forcing these posts lately - like I don't really have anything to say. I know that it is mostly a function of my hiding - from life, from love, from being creative. I just figured I'd tell on myself. The truth is, hiding is no fun unless it's part of a game and people are actively looking to find you. I like to play hide and seek - only I don't really tell anyone that I'm playing and then get sad when nobody seeks me! Ah, if only everyone could read my mind. In order to really be sought, you've got to be out there, not hiding.

This reminds me of something I read recently - where if you have the belief that people that you smile at on the street smile back - you will subconsciously only choose to smile at the people who will smile back at you. If you have the belief that nobody smiles on the street - you will choose to smile at people who don't smile back. If I'm hiding and believe that nobody will seek me - no matter how "out there" I am, I find that nobody actively seeks me and when I get over myself and am open to receive - then I find that I am pleasantly surprised. It doesn't always work - and I think that has more to do with my openness and my expectations. But hiding only makes me feel more lonely.

Well, I am willing to get out of my turtle shell and receive. I suppose telling on ourselves is the first step. If you've been hiding, like me, how can you tell on yourself? Where might you need to ask to be sought?

Love to you,


Rowena said...

Hey, sis!

You get that I'm here, seeking you, right?

Possibly even stalking you. ;)

Rowena said...

When, that is, I am not doing my own hiding.

Sugar said...

I sometimes do this when I want to be sad. Honestly. Like desire the feeling of sadness. I think I want to believe my inner demons... that I'm not worthy... that nobody cares. But then I tell on myself, somehow, and when I look up, I see all these people who are so happy I'm back.

I love coming by to visit and to read your amazing insight. It never seems forced... it almost seems spirit lead.

Thanks for sharing then and now.