Friday, July 18, 2008

Marriage Reflections

Dearest Goddesses,

Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary. For those of you who celebrated with us in Montauk thank you again! I definitely wished I was back there yesterday!

So today I thought about all the things that I’ve learned after 4 years of marriage and thought I’d share them with you:

  1. It’s so much more fun to laugh at ourselves and each other than stay mad over something stupid.
  2. Both of us participate in every fight we may have, therefore both are responsible. Asking where can I be responsible is more productive than focusing on what a jerk he might be.
  3. It’s totally okay to go to bed angry. Sleeping on it usually gives some perspective and the spontaneous cuddles throughout the night reminds you of all the warmth.
  4. Communication – no matter how messy – is 100% better than silence.
  5. Sometimes you don’t have to open your mouth and comment.
  6. It’s not up to me to “change” him, but it is definitely up to me to see him in his greatness, even when he’s not being great, or I’m not being great.
  7. What seems like the “end of the relationship argument” can quickly turn into love if I let it.
  8. Every mess can be cleaned up.
  9. It’s up to me to make sure I’m living my best life, it’s not up to him.
  10. It’s up to me to communicate my needs, wants, desires, etc. It’s not up to him to anticipate them or to read my mind.
  11. It’s better just to remind him about anniversaries and birthdays – whether he remembers does not determine it’s importance to him or how much he loves you.
  12. Communicate expectations so they don’t create upset.
  13. It’s a lot of fun to go through life with someone you can laugh with.
  14. Through adversity you can realize that you married your true love which makes the good times all the more sweet.

Love to you all.


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smiles4u said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your list of thing's you've learned after being married 4 years. I can honestly say that this list could be mine. I am glad that you had a good time celebrating with your true love!