Friday, January 2, 2009

Be the person of your dreams

Dearest Goddesses,

Today I began the cleanup of my life and decided to start with my email and the 1,980 unread messages in my inbox. They are the myriad of emails that I´ve signed up for, yahoo groups, motivational emails, etc. You miss a few days (or months…) and suddenly you've got 2,000 unread messages. So in my effort to get rid of the clutter, I started taking a look at my emails and decided to "unsubscribe" to And of course, I get the perfect message which totally relates to Minerva and the exploration of our beliefs…

Patty, today, be the person of your dreams.

See life through THEIR eyes.

Make decisions with THEIR mind.

Let every thought, word, and action come from THEIR perspective, as if you had already arrived, and just watch how 2009 warps into the kind of year you talk and laugh about forever and ever and ever...

Peace, love, and green M&Ms -
The Universe

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ®

Patty, here's a little secret: That person already exists, there's nothing new to learn, just "let 'em out."

I know that (prepare for a convoluted rationale) I have let my beliefs about what I THINK others believe about me change my perception of myself and who I am in this world. It´s changed the way I´ve interacted with the people in my life, it´s kept me from sharing, it´s kept me from being present. The truth is, I´m probably making it all up anyway!! Silly girl…

Be the person of your dreams for that already is…you!

Love to you,


P.S. Check out your Personal Year Number according to Numerology: Key to Your Inner Self by Richard de A'Morelli

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