Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday - The Day of Giving & Valentine's Day...Perfect

Excerpted from The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents Pg 69

" Monday is the Day of Giving

Today we tell our children, "If you want to get something, give it."

On Monday we agree as parents to do the following things with our children:

1. Invite them to give one thing to someone else in the family
2. Inspire them to receive graciously
3. Share a brief ritual of gratitude for life's gifts"

So at 16 months old, Finn is a pretty good sharer...kisses, food, books, colds ;) although Aunt Mary really likes that "one more kiss" that makes him cranky. And I tried before we went to bed to do a little ritual of gratitude with him which was really me saying that I was super grateful for him. But I wasn't inspired with a blog post story, I didn't feel like I had anything to share...

Then this morning I woke up at 6 and Finn wasn't awake yet so I contemplated another 30, 40 minutes of sleep or getting up and getting a move on the day. I thought about the Daily Goddess and wondered what I would share and then I remembered dinner. This is the first Valentine's Day I have spent with my family since high school and when I got around the table everyone had written cards and my dad had gotten us all a box of candy and I didn't do anything. My Valentine is in Costa Rica - I figured I had the day off!! I was feeling a little guilty, so I don't know if I inspired to recieve graciously but in thinking about this law this morning I really connected to the power of the little things. The smile, the acknowledgement, an email, a hug. None of these things cost money (which I have been focused on for the past 2 years plus) but they can and do absolutely have the power to transform a person's day, life.

It did make me think that it's time I played bigger, that it's time I stopped feeling self conscious and I just got out there and started playing the game. And Deepak Chopra is right - it's not about the time you spend on a particular activity - because at the end of the day yesterday I truly felt like I had failed at Monday, failed at Giving. It's about paying attention.

Love to you.

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