Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Physical Power

Dearest Goddesses,

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been experiencing this growing discomfort in my tailbone – it hurt to sit. I attributed it mostly to too much sitting and not enough exercise. Although it was annoying – it wasn’t really hindering me in any way - so not much thought went into it. Then last Friday, I was walking and cut the bottom of my foot on the remnants of an old sign post. The cut wasn’t a big deal, but because it was sore and on the bottom of my foot, I started favoring my other leg and my tailbone became more and more uncomfortable. Well, yesterday I must have moved weird and my lower back went out – like a kink I couldn’t crack – which made sitting, walking, laying, really anything, quite uncomfortable. And because I was uncomfortable, I didn’t want to work or talk or do anything really – I got super crabby and was a slug on the couch trying to get comfortable.

It was clear to me the connection my physical body and power. When I feel healthy and pain free, I can more easily connect to my power source. If I happen to be feeling particularly skinny or “hot” then there is no need to connect to my power source – it is clear that it is spilling out of me. If I’m achy or in pain or feeling fat – well it takes much more digging to connect to my power source.

I happen to believe strongly that illness, pain, dis-ease, anything that happens in the body is your body’s way of telling you that there is something that you need to deal with - and the more severe the pain, the more serious the dis-ease, you’re body is saying NOW! I can look at my pain related to what’s going on in my life and there are no surprises.

Louise Hay wrote a fantastic book called You Can Heal Your Life which discusses how our limiting beliefs, if gone unchecked long enough can cause dis-ease and the power of affirmations to change those limiting beliefs and reverse the patterns of dis-ease. In the back has a list of problems, probable causes and a new thought pattern to take on. Let’s look at mine:

Problem: Lower Back Problems

Probable Cause: Fear of Money, lack of Financial Support

New Thought Pattern: I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.

Problem: Feet

Probable Cause: Represents our understanding – of ourselves, of life, of others

New Thought Pattern: My understanding is clear, and I am willing to change with the times. I am safe.

Problem: Cuts

Probable Cause: Punishment for not following your own rules

New Thought Pattern: I create a life filled with rewards

My dear friend Nancy SantoPietro wrote an excellent book called Feng Shui and Health, The Anatomy of a Home. Taken a step further – she explores the relationship between dis-ease, the chakras (energy centers within your body) and the feng shui bagua which correlate to different areas of your home which represents different areas of your life. So my discomfort is in the base of my spine which correlates to the first chakra or Survival Center which is represented in the Wealth Corner or gua (pg 217).

SO, I had been thinking that another aspect of power – or of my own definition of power – related to finances (which is connected to the discomfort I am feeling in my body, related to different areas of my home, related to my circumstances, etc.) Everything is interconnected – all junk that we need to deal with that is clogging up our power supply. I suppose the goal is to clear out those clogs so that energy can flow smoothly – through your body, through your home, out into the world. It is up to us to clean up the messes, clean out the clutter that is affecting the flow – we are in control – which brings us back to integrity.

Patty’s Challenge: Inquiry questions: Is there something that your body is trying to tell you? A message that you are not dealing with that is showing up as pain or dis-ease? Where are you feeling blocked or clogged? Where do you keep your physical clutter? What actions can you take (a small step forward is all that is necessary) to clean up your physical and emotional clutter?

Love to you,


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