Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Dearest Goddesses,

So today rated fairly high on the suck-o-meter and I was speaking with a dear friend who happened to remind me of a goddess post she read yesterday saying how we really shouldn't be impatient and don't forget - life is a journey, it's not about getting there. Thank you Priscilla for being a reminder to me when I was in the middle of it!

This is key I think - the reminders. We all get stuck in our worlds - it's inevitable. So it's important to set up our worlds with reminders so that when we do get stuck, it's just for a moment and doesn't throw our train completely off the track.

So I was thinking of what good reminders might be - obviously Priscilla was an integral one today - so enrolling the people in your life and giving them permission to be that reminder for you. I also think that rituals and routine are really helpful - a meditation or yoga practice, setting up "altars" where you spend the most time. These don't have to be like what you see at church (and I bet if you look around, you have naturally created mini altars in your space already) this can be a big or a small space where you have special photographs, maybe a place to burn some incense, items to represent the elements, maybe place some affirmations, or visual representations of what you want to create. Or carry around some index cards with your affirmations on it.

I think the key isn't to make our world work out of willpower, but instead taking the steps to set up our lives and our communities to best support what it is (or who it is) we're committed to being.

Patty's Challenge: Choose one reminder to put into your life.

Love to you,

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