Monday, April 21, 2008

Succulent Wild Woman

Dearest Goddesses,

Oh – Baba Yaga is sooo juicy! She’s one of my favorites – probably because I feel such a kinship to my wild woman, but feel like I only let her out to play every once in awhile! It seems like whenever she shows up in my life, she gives me permission to cut lose a bit. I think her message, however, is not to cut lose only a bit, to only let your wild woman out every once in awhile – but to incorporate her into daily life. And for my goddess men – just there is a wild woman inside of you as well! I think women have more of a freedom these days to connect to their masculine energy, but there is such a stigma if a man connects to his feminine side. Fear not men! Baba Yaga is the gal for you! (We’re not talking Aphrodite, the goddess of love after all – this is WILD WOMAN!)

In honor of Baba Yaga, I took out one of my favorite books – Succulent Wild Woman, by Sark and randomly picked a page…

“Perfect peaches, lilting street musicians, a butterfly landing on your shoulder, happy dogs on the beach, people praying together outside, children, wearing pajamas in the daytime, old women on benches, laughing.

These are all signs of adventure.

We must be open to adventure seek it out, ask questions, dare to talk to strangers.

Women are oppressed by fears in this society. It’s true. It’s not safe. Neither is staying home, hiding from an adventurous life.

Take self-defense, use your intuition and caution, walk in pairs and groups, but please, come out of your houses, apartments and cars.

Your adventures await you.”

I would add that our adventures await us outside of our limiting definitions of ourselves as well. You know the things that keep us from being able to connect to our inner wild woman. The “secrets” we need to keep to uphold an image of ourselves that we think the world wants to see.

I’ll never forget being in my women’s group in NYC and sitting on the couch sifting through a bunch of papers and my friend Tara said something to the effect of how organized and together I was – and in reality, I was just moving papers around. I had to tell on myself, because I was being totally ridiculous and ultimately using this sifting as avoidance for what we were doing in the group. There was a certain feeing of relief though that people hadn’t seen through my sifting and that I came across looking somewhat together!

I mean, we’re conditioned early to act a certain way and not to get out of hand. And I remember in 5th grade, in particular, that if you acted outside of the accepted norm, your friends could turn on you! I remember this one instance in particular when I think I must have laughed at something a boy said next to me and my best friend at the time thought I was laughing at her. At recess, I was ostracized – I wasn’t “allowed” to play box ball! When weren’t you allowed to play??

Patty’s Challenge: We looked once before at our comfort zones, which keep us confined inside of a box of our own creation. What can you do to step outside of that comfort zone and let your wild woman free? **Bonus points if you don’t need to add alcohol to get there!

Love to you,


Rowena said...

Yay! Love your new blog, Patty. Thanks for collecting it all for us.

Let me read the entry again, I got so excited that I forgot what I read... but I do know that I am trying for more Baba Yaga in my life, too.

Lauren said...

What a great idea to put the Daily Goddess into a blog! I love it. Thanks for all you do!