Sunday, May 4, 2008

Connecting to your Power

Dearest Goddesses,

I love that Freya follows the juicy wild woman of Baba Yaga – for what is more perfect than looking at the issue of sexuality after meeting our wild woman?!

If you haven’t picked up Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts it is a perfect read this week. The book is fun and certainly juicy. (For those married women, she has a book called Mama Gena’s Marriage Manual) Although the premise is really to attract the relationship you are looking for (or spicing up the relationship you are in) the means to this end is finding your own pleasure and connecting to your sexuality. Being connected to your sexuality is being connected to your power and when you are connected you can make anything happen.

Patty’s Challenge:

As practice, I will offer as my challenge, an exercise from Mama Gena’s Owner’s and Operator’s Guide to Men:

“Find a guy you are not in the least bit attracted to. In a safe circumstance, allow yourself to be turned on, in his presence, just for your own benefit. Just sit near him and then start feeling your pussy. Notice things that you do find attractive about him. Could be his skin color, the sound of his voice, or his hair. Why is Mama putting you through this kind of kooky torture? I want you to understand, through experience, that turn-on or chemistry or attraction is your business, not his business. You are the desire and the object of desire, all rolled into one hot little package. I want you to see how you have your hand on the wheel of your own turn-on and how it is totally and completely up to you. Then, I want you to share this experience with your Sister Goddess girlfriends. And that is the end of the assignment. You do not have to date this man, or even be friends with this man. It was just an experience of your power for your research and development.”

Now I will admit, this week’s goddess happens to be very female centered – the meditation from the Goddess Oracle can easily be modified for men – but I don’t think that the challenge above would work for men. I think, ultimately, that men are very tuned into their sexuality – I think a good challenge would be to tune into the sexuality of a woman in your life – and if there is no woman in your life, then how can you make a woman feel truly beautiful? (and no, whistling at them on the street is not effective.)

And, for those of you ladies who have absolutely no interest in attracting a man…just connect to your power – remember, the object is not important.


Love to you,


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