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Kali: Fear

The following is excerpted exactly from The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and the illustrations are by Hrana Janto. For more information on their work, please visit the following websites:

Amy Sophia Marashinsky:
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Hrana Janto:


I am the dance of death that is behind all life

the ultimate horror

the ultimate ecstasy

I am existence

I am the dance of destruction that will end this world

the timeless void

the formless devouring mouth

I am rebirth

Let me dance you to death

Let me dance you to life

Will you walk through your fears to dance with me?

Will you let me cut off your head

and drink your blood?

then will you cut off mine?

Will you face all the horror

all the pain

all the sorrow

And say “yes”?

I am all that you dread

all that terrifies

I am your fears

will you meet me?


Kali (pronounced kah’lee), the Hindu triple Goddess of creation, preservation and destruction, is the animating force of Shiva, the destroyer (Lord of the Dance). She is the insatiable hunger of time that births then devours. Skulls, cemeteries, and blood are all associated with her worship. Kali’s energy is uncontrollable. After killing two demons, she got drunk on their blood and began dancing on their dead flesh. She danced herself into a frenzy until she realized she almost danced Shiva to death.

Meaning of the Card:

Kali has begun her dance in your life to tell you it is time to face your fears. All that is lurking ominously, either buried deep in your inner darkness or close by, needs to be stared in the eye and brought into the light of consciousness. Are your fears serving you by warning you about dangerous places, things, or people? Or do your fears prevent you from dancing your dance living your life, creating with Creation? Kali comes to tell you that your dance is needed as part of the whole Dance of Creation. Wholeness is nurtured when you reclaim the pieces of yourself that you’ve given over to fear. Most fears are formless. By naming and witnessing the fear, you gain power. Wholeness is created when you learn to acknowledge your fears and walk through them.

Ritual Suggestion: Meeting Your Fear

You can download this meditation at the following site for $3.00

Find a time and place when and where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie comfortably with your spine straight and close your eyes. When you feel ready, take a deep breath and release it, letting everything go. Breathe in and let your body relax. As you breathe out, drop your body like a suit of silk clothes, letting it lie in a pool around you. Place your hand over your heart so that you can feel the rhythm and pulse of your heartbeat. Let the rhythm of your breath slow down as you breathe in and out, listening to your heartbeat. Take a deep breath and, as you exhale, see yourself standing inside your heart. It feels very comfortable.

There is a path behind your heart known as the “hidden path”. Step onto that path. The path takes you up and it takes you down. The path takes you over and it takes s you under. On the path you experience all you need to experience and you see all you need to see. The path begins to climb gradually up, up, up. Now the path has become steep and you are required to climb hand over hand until you reach a ledge. You pull yourself up onto the ledge and slowly stand up.

You are now on the Plain of Vision, where the winds blow cool, clear, and clean – where you can see all you need to see. Take a deep breath and inhale the clarity of the Plain of Vision.

You are now ready to call your fear. You call your fear and it comes. When you meet your fear, ask its name and it will tell you. What does it look like? Notice any feelings you are having and breathe into them. Your fear asks you for something and you give it freely.

It is now time to return. Ask your fear to accompany you and abide by its decision. Take another full, deep breath of the clarity of the Plain of Vision. Return to the ledge and begin the climb down, down, down. The path takes you down and it takes you under. You are feeling refreshed and revitalized, feeling light and buoyant, as you return on the hidden path that lies behind your heart.

You approach your heart and step into it, experiencing the pulsing of your blood. Take a deep breath and, when you exhale, you are back in your body. Take a deep breath and, when you exhale, if ready, open your eyes. Welcome back!

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