Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Enjoying the Inquiry

Dearest Goddesses,

John tells me that yesterday's Goddess was not my most brilliant moment and my message was perhaps lost in an attempt to be clever. Oh, the power of distraction and bad tv! I guess I'd love to see real shows about relationships and women trying to really make a difference in their lives instead of showing women put in situations in which they need to fight each other for the attention of a man or for the attention of the camera in shows like "Bad Girls." It just seems like there are so many shows that exploit the insecurities of women. Well, there are probably plenty of good shows like that out there but I still got sucked into the bad ones.

Anyway, I'm sorry that my message was lost and unclear and, most embarrassing – typos!

I've taken on reestablishing my community and rebuilding relationships that may have been neglected while I was out of the country. Where I find that I´ve gotten stopped is – as always – my own perceptions – mostly about how I think things should be or look. And if I don´t show up as at least "together" then people would think less of me. So I´m working on these distorted sunglasses because no matter how NOT together I ever am, the only evidence that I have is that I am still loved.

Where might you need to change your distorted sunglasses – change your beliefs to transform your relationships?

Enjoying the inquiry.

Thank you ladies.

Love to you,

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