Monday, January 5, 2009

A Rose is a Rose

Dearest Goddesses,

So – it´s all about relationships this week in honor of Lady of Beasts and I can hardly focus because I'm watching The Bachelor…the quintessential conversation regarding relationships, eh? I´m not sure the goddess had this in mind with her message regarding relationships. I can´t help but feel as uncomfortable as when I watch Steve Carell on The Office, only these women are supposed to be for real..?


I´ve been pondering the idea of creating relationships new. With all of the new years resolutions and goals that you can´t help but think of at this time of year – if our relationships remain the same, can they ever transform? Or a more powerful question might be – if we remain the same inside of our relationships, can they transform? And while we may evolve and transform, if our experience of or our perspective of the people in our life don't transform and evolve, can they transform?

Well ladies – I will explore these question this question further, but right now someone is getting voted off The Bachelor. The Bachelor meets Survivor. Excellent. (I think I'm watching too much tv.)

Love to you,


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