Monday, March 9, 2009

Fighting Against What Is

Dearest Goddesses,

Talk about standing in your own way and giving yourself permission to be successful. I´ve been feeling a bit displaced here in Atlanta. While I didn´t have a TON of friends in Costa Rica, I was VERY lucky to connect with a few awesome likeminded people that I loved being with. I haven´t really had that opportunity / given myself that chance here in Atlanta and I find myself comparing every experience to the past. While I worked with some very wonderful ladies, I didn´t develop close relationships with them where I would want to hang out beyond work and I wasn´t really meeting anyone outside of work – other than the occasional person introduced to me by John. I couldn´t help but CRAVE (desperately) what feels like a once in a lifetime connection that I felt for the people I worked with at Legacy. (Ladies – can we please get together somewhere in the world and start a new school?!!) And of course wanting to get back to New York to be with my world back there. BUT – simply a change in location is not going to be what I need exactly to fulfill me. That´s got to come from within. And trying to recreate past experiences is just a disaster of unfulfillable expectations that I´d rather not experience.

So, in the spirit of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the song Love The One You´re With, I have decided to start loving Atlanta – and since I know that Atlanta is loveable, it´s up to me. Just as I´ve been focusing lately on reasons why it might not be the place for me long term, I can instead, choose to love it. I can´t help but be reminded of the three lessons that the Brigadier General had for me that day.

  1. Give yourself permission
  2. Adapt for success (it hasn´t looked the way I wanted it to look and I haven´t found my Legacy or WE with powerful, creative women)
  3. Fail Forward – get out there, talk to people instead of waiting for new friends to coming knocking on my door.

Now, I have a VERY EXCITING announcement to make. My gloriously gifted, talented, creative, inspirational friend Rowena Murillo has FINALLY opened her Etsy shop and is selling her AMAZING art series called Flying Girl. You will be floored at how connected you are to just about every one of her paintings. And FINALLY she is allowing us to purchase them from her! I was lucky enough to order some prints for some loved ones for Christmas and was so impressed with the quality of the prints. They were simply fantastic. Go visit her new shop and pick out some gifts for your friends and family – you will NOT be disappointed. Besides the fact that they are TOTALLY UNDERPRICED at only $18 a print right now. I´m so excited that her work can finally be shared with the world! And I noticed that a lot of the prints available on etsy are new ones I haven´t seen before – so be sure to check out her blog for more of Flying Girl…

Challenge: Where are you holding on to how you think things should look? Where are you killing off present happiness by comparing your experiences to the past? Where can you give yourself permission to succeed in the here and now and allow yourself to adapt instead of fighting against what is?

Love to you,

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Rowena said...

Thanks for the shout out, patty.

I've now sold TWO paintings and continue to list some of my archives. You'll start seeing ones you're familiar with, soon.

It turns out that it's a good thing I have waited so long to open this shop, because I have built up a following, because I have learned more about what to do and not do on etsy by lurking for so long, and because I have a LOT of work to sell, as soon as I get it up there, which I will do slowly, because it's good for the marketing to do it in bits. And because I don't have time to do a marathon session.

TWO prints.

Oh, and there was a link to your post here. In Florida, I don't have any friends, which mean I had to turn my energies elsewhere... which I did... into online communities which pushed me to be more creative and use my blog as accountability. I still don't have an IRL community like back at Legacy, but I'm in communication with people around the world. At least one of those in your neck of the world. A few in NY. A few in northern CA, for the possibility that I might someday move there... I'll have peeps when I go.

(heh he. at first i typed "poops." heheh.)

So if this is your situation where you are now, what if there are other things that you're supposed to get, aside from just that old community? It might not be what you are looking for, but it might be just as valuable.