Thursday, March 12, 2009

Open to Receive

Dearest Goddesses,

I sure am glad that Kuan Yin is our goddess this week to remind us to have compassion for ourselves and others. I had this awful dream last night that I had my baby but then forgot about it – didn´t feed it or anything and when I finally realized that it had been sitting there silent and hungry and dirty for like 2 days, I rushed to feed it – horrified more at what a lousy mom I was – not that this poor child was hungry. So Kuan Yin reminded me to show myself compassion and fear will manifest in many ways!

I went to one of my favorite books today – Living with Joy by Sanaya Romin for inspiration. I asked Orin for some guidance and for a message that perhaps my goddesses needed to hear and this is what came to me. I hope you enjoy…

This excerpt is taken directly from Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman, Chapter 10 – Opening to Receive.

"Imagine, if you will, that you are a king, and your treasury is fill. In fact, you have so much you do not know where to begin distributing the wealth. All of the people in your kingdom are walking around saying how poor they are, but when you offer them your money they act as if they do not see you, or they wonder what is wrong with what you are offering.

I look out and see the storehouses all over – untapped, unused and even unrecognized. You have hard the expression "Heaven on Earth." There is nothing that stops you from having it, except your ability to ask for and receive it. What are these storehouses? What things lie within them that we would love to pass out?

One is love. We do not measure growth as you do (career advancements, more money, etc.). We look to spiritual evolution, which includes joy, self-love, the ability to receive, reframing the negative into the positive, the refinement of the ego, a willingness to embrace the new, and the ability to work together for a common purpose.

There is so much love available it is as abundant as the air you breathe.

Do you ask for love? The more you give and receive love the greater your spiritual growth. Every moment you spend focused on something that is not working, thinking of someone who does not love you, makes you like the men who turn away from the King´s money. You always have the opportunity to think of times you were loved, imagine a future of abundance, and thus partake of spiritual wealth.

What do you think of? Every in-breath takes you up to the world of essence where form is created, and on the out-breath you send to the world your wishes. Every time you recognize the love you have, you increase it. One of the laws of receiving is that recognizing when you have gotten something increases it in your life, and every time you do not acknowledge something you make it so much harder to have more sent to you.

The more you focus on what is wrong, the more wrong you will create in your life; the more it will spread to other areas that WERE working. The more you concentrate on what is right in your life, what is working, the more other areas of your life will work. It is the same in receiving. The more you acknowledge how much you are receiving, the more you will have."

Open to receive ladies – you deserve all that life has to offer.

Love to you,


[ P a n [d] o r a ] said...

Hello dear! I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I enjoy your site. I use this Goddess oracle myself, so I find your words to be very insightful and helpful when it comes to working with these cards.
Thank you for sharing with us.

You're more than welcome to visit my site, though it's in spanish :) maybe you can translate it with an online translator?

Big hugs & brightest blessings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Rowena said...

Lovely selection. It helps. Still working on some of those things, but I'm finding others... like looking for the positive, have helped me immensely.

That dream? That sounds like two things to me.

1. A typical anxiety dream. No worries about that because it's just nerves.

2. Actually a subconscious statement about how you have been neglecting your own creativity. It's still there, although unfed and silent and neglected. Will be fine, all you need to do is go back to it.

Anonymous said...

I had the same dreams when I had my kids. In the hospital after my older son was born (@ 5:00 am) we were sleeping and at 11:00 am I woke up and was watching him sleep when a nurse came in and asked when the last time he had nursed was? When I told her she said he need to eat more oten than that. I told her that he was asleep and she said "You can wake him up!" I felt like the worst mother in the whole world at that moment. I needed to have the compassion for myself that you are speaking to. Just remember you are learning how to be a parent as the baby is learning how to be a human. It will be fine...breathe. Diane