Monday, March 16, 2009

Lost: Funny Bone – Reward Offered

Dearest Goddesses,

Over a year ago, I randomly made a list of the Goddess Oracle which is how I am presenting them. I am shocked at how they constantly seem to be showing up in my life. Uzume – this week´s goddess represents laughter. This weekend I turned to John and said that I felt like I had lost my funny bone. And then with the most intense sadness, I broke down and tried to recall the last time I had let myself go and just have a good time – to that core of fun. I was reminded of my lost funny bone when I was watching this commercial with all of these kids just playing in a pool – splashing. When did I stop laughing? When did I start taking myself so seriously? When did things stop being fun?

If you´re feeling like me – check out Uzume´s ritual – and take it on as a creative project. Write out the "story" of your life right now and then watch it play out like it was on a stage. (Extra points if you really do act it out – like a monologue). And then what if Will Farrell or Adam Sandler were the stars of your story?

And write a list of things that make you laugh – things that are fun. Or write out times when you remember letting yourself go and having a great time. And then recreate it. Start adding in some fun. FIND YOUR FUNNY BONE!

I know I am desperate to find mine!

Love to you,


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Rowena said...

I'm pretty sure that there loss of a funny bone is hormones. Your baby is getting all those giggles. Same happened to Susan, same happened to me. The thing that made us us went to the kid.

Feel better that it's not something wrong with you, just a little rearrangement of your energies.

Although I agree with the list of things that make you laugh. The things that make you happy. The things you used to enjoy and would still like.