Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spiritual Constipation

Dearest Goddesses,

I apologize in advance for the metaphor, but I just couldn´t resist.

Being pregnant, I have been experiencing some issues with elimination – nuff said. So as I was feeling a little uncomfortable, I couldn´t help but relate that physical feeling to the emotional feelings that I´ve been having and I felt like it was more than physical - I was spiritually, creatively, emotionally constipated, stopped up, clogged, blocked.

The key is movement. That is certainly what we hope for when the issue is physical and I think it´s also the key when it goes beyond the physical. Movement. Physical movement, energy movement…Taking those baby steps.

SO – what is the solution? What is your spiritual, creative, emotional equivalent to eating lots of fiber and drinking lots of water? Remember, the key to feeling refreshed is movement – that´s the goal. What are you going to have to do / what are you going to have to give up in order to get things moving?

Fiberous food for thought.

Love to you,



Rowena said...

Give up... give up... give up...

Maybe I can give up my need to be in control. Other people have other ways of doing things, right?

Well... some things. Other things I think I need to stand my ground on. The difficulty is in knowing the difference.

JoeNavy said...

Check this site out!

JoeNavy said...
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