Thursday, March 13, 2008

Allowing The Door to open

Dearest Goddesses,

Thank you for reaching out over the past couple of days – and Galina – thank you for sharing with the whole group what it is like to be the change you want to make in the world. It was certainly inspiring. Being complaint free is a definite challenge and if more young people took it on, I think middle & high school would be a very different experience for everyone!!

I also want to thank John for the stand that he took for me yesterday in the email he sent to all of you. While at first I was a little embarrassed (even though his sentiment made me cry) I am so grateful that I have someone willing to take a stand like that for me. There is no mistake that after I made the request for everyone to respond to me once a month that I didn’t send out a goddess email for 3-4 weeks. I mean, there were lots of circumstances – but it is no mistake. I recognize my craving to receive but how difficult and uncomfortable it is for me and how I’ll actually set up situations where I either don’t receive, can’t receive, or dilute receipt! And I also think it’s perfect that John sent that email on the same day my mediation told me to focus on my heart chakra – and that the “emptiness” I felt yesterday wasn’t like there was nothing there – I’m a loveable person and have a lot of love to give – but I think what I felt was the safe door I put there to protect myself – allowing me to keep a little distance; allowing me not to get too involved, too attached so that it doesn’t hurt so much when I don’t get the response I’m looking for.

Phew!! Cerridwen is stirring her soup with me this week!

“I am open to transformation, I am willing to let go all that exists in my life that does not serve my greater good, I am willing to receive all the love and abundance that is available to me; I clear my eyes so that I can see what there is to see, I clear my ears so that I can hear what there is to hear. I allow love to flow freely from me and I am open to receiving all of the love that flows back toward me. And I send light and love to those parts of myself that don’t feel loveable…” (Thank you Nancy for your amazing meditation tapes and your inspiration…)

Well – thank you for allowing me to give and share. I welcome all of your thoughts and insights and miracles – please keep sharing with the group, with me, with your world.

If the mantra above works for where you are – I encourage you to be use it, change it, work it into your life. Sharing it with you certainly helped me to see the work I need to do to share myself fully and let people in.

Love to you,


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