Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Transforming Fear

Dearest Goddesses,

I think if I had to think of one thing that I would want to have transformed, then I would have to say fear. But if I look at my fear – it seems elusive – like I can’t get a good look at it. Like the more I chase after it to dissect it, the faster and more elusive it becomes. When I stand still and ask myself what I am afraid of – very little concrete comes to mind. But when I look at where I want to be and where I am and the distance in between, if I ask myself what is getting in the way – I would unequivocally say fear.

So what I am afraid of? Success? Failure? Living full out? Responsibility? Being Vulnerable? Rejection? Acceptance? Getting Started? Following Through? Perhaps a little of everything? Maybe what I’m looking for is simply to transform my fear into something tangible so that I can recognize it and deal with it directly instead of spending time and energy wondering and analyzing what I’m scared of.

And I think, if I were Cerridwen, listening to this, my response to me would be “Knock it off Kennelly! You’re great, stop wasting time with this silliness.”

And so, since I’m channeling Cerridwen and if you find yourself fearful, I deliver her message with love, compassion and laughter…”Knock it off! You’re great, stop wasting time with this silliness.”

Love to you,


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