Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Little Tarot Fun

Well, I'm channeling Shakti today – feeling the energy flow . I feel a little like my head is all over the place, not letting me focus on one specific idea, thought for longer than a few seconds. So rather than not sharing or scaring you with some disjointed rambling – I want to share one of my new favorite books with you.

I did a MAJOR clutter clearing a few weekends ago – went through everything – put everything into boxes and inventoried them. And I collected a bunch of books that I wanted to sell to Mora Books (a great used bookstore here in CR). Of course, I went in there with about 15, 20 books – the guy said 17,000 colones – about $34. Rock on! I figured I'd just pick up a few…I end up simply exchanging about 15 books for 5!! And at a used bookstore noless. ANYWAY…

I found this great book called Tarot in Ten Minutes by R.T. Kaser. He has about 30 different readings in the book and he breaks up the tarot into suits for specific questions. And he also uses numerology for a few of his readings. I feel like I've gotten a TON of insights over the past few days with the readings and I highly recommend. So - I'm going to share the first reading with you. It's based on numerology – you don't need a tarot deck – but if you have one, you might want to connect visually to the card.

The following is excerpted exactly from Reading 1 of Tarot in Ten Minutes copyright 1992, R.T. Kaser

"The reading: Who Am I?

The following cards will be used:

The Magician (I)
The High Priestess (II)
The Empress (III)
The Emperor (IV)
The Hierophant (V)
The Lovers (VI)
The Chariot (VII)
Justice (VIII or XI)
The Hermit (IX)
Wheel of Fortune (X)

How To:

In this reading, we will use the numbers associated with your birth date to determine the card that represents your general situation in this life, your Key Card or mascot. Here's how…

Simply add up the month, day and year of your birth, like this:

August 29, 1952 = 8 + 29 + 1952 = 1989

Then add up the result: 1+9+8+9 = 27

Now, reduce the number by adding it up once more. You should get a number of 10 or less: 27 = 2+7 = 9

If this step adds up exactly to 10, reduce it again to 1, only if the day of the month in which you were born is an odd number, leave it as 10 if the day on which you were born is an even number.

Now, take the card from your deck that signifies you. Look at it for a minute, then look up its meaning in the following Answer section. Just repeat the steps to learn about others.

The Answers

I The Magician. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who control their own destinies. Magicians have the ability to make things happen. If this is your Key Card, you are particularly good at influencing – even controlling – your own environment. You are capable of leading a highly directed, determined life by focusing your energy on achieving all the things that natter in this world: career and status, love and happiness, money and possessions, power and glory. If you are like most people, however, you will need to choose one of these areas to master. The choice is yours.

II The High Priestess. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who know without knowing. High Priestesses have the ability to know or feel things. If this is your Key Card, you are the kind of person who can trust your gut feelings, hunches, inner voices, and dreams. When in doubt you go with your instincts. You may have an uncanny sense of direction. You may even describe yourself as psychic. In general, you will feel your way through life as if you were navigating a familiar stream. The past, present, and future can click together for you, but you may need to strike a balance between body and mind (conscious and subconscious) in order to achieve your full potential.

III The Empress. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are in touch with their environment. Empresses have the ability to create and influence the things around them. If this is your Key Card, things grow, develop, and mature under your careful attention. You are good at parenting, mentoring, coaching, and in other ways of bringing out the skills and talents of others. You may also be rather prolific yourself. You appreciate that there is an ecological balance to be maintained, that everything depends on everything else. In order to achieve your goals, however, you may have to wait a period of time for the things that you desire to come about.

IV The Emperor. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are natural born leaders. Emperors have the ability to control things. They are decisive and authoritative. And they knowhow to get to the top. If this is your Key Card, you are the kind of person who likes to live according to the rules (which you help make). And, within this framework, you are extremely capable of making your own decisions. You will also decide things for others. They may respect, honor, and even obey your opinions. You like to rule the roost. But in order to achieve your full potential, you may have to temper your own temper. Learn to respect the opinions of those whose support you depend upon. And be ready to defend your territory.

V The Hierophant. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who have faith. Hierophants have the ability to believe in things. If this is your Key Card, your life is knit together by a highly organized system of beliefs. You may hunger after idealistic, patriotic, moral or religious ideas. You may have a strong sense of standards, ethics, and traditions. You may even require a rigid structure (or hierarchic scheme) in your life. To achieve your full potential, you need to dedicate yourself to pursuits that serve a higher purpose. This card can also indicate that you feel a need for public acceptance. You want to fit in. You want to belong.

VI The Lovers. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are passionate. Lovers have the ability to care deeply about things. They have the ability to care about each other. If this is your Key Card, you are the sort of person who feels hopelessly attracted to someone else. This could mean that infatuations will be a common experience for you, or it could mean that you will have the great fortune to find true love in this life, and it will be "love at first sight." But beware, your true love may not be another person. It may, in fact, strike you as a deep, enduring passion for some kind of work , which you will pursue relentlessly. To achieve your full potential you must choose something that will love (or reward) you back.

VII The Chariot. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are heroes. Charioteers have the ability to conquer things. They can do the impossible. If this is your Key Cad, you will know the thrill of victory in your life, like a surge of adrenaline. You may work long hours and appear to run on high-test, for you thrive on challenging situations and will stay up all night to complete projects. You will take your share of risks. It is not so much the fact that you are fearless (for you may desperately fear failure) but that you are relentless that distinguished you. You not only keep score but you like to overcome great odds, playing things right down to the wire. To achieve your full potential in this life, you need to strike a balance between self-confidence and winning strategies.

VIII Justice. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are good critics. Justices have the ability to evaluate things. They can cut through the crap of this world and get to the point. They can see what is written between the lines. If this is your Key Card, you are a very insightful person, fair-minded, even-tempered, and a good listener. You want to hear both sides of a story before coming to your own conclusions. But with such a capacity for insight comes an obligation, too. TO achieve your full potential you may need to learn how to be forgiving.

IX The Hermit. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who have grown wise. Hermits have the ability to understand things. They are the loners of this world. If this is your Key Card, you may like to retreat to your study at night or get off to that cabin in the woods – not just to rest, mind you, but to be alone with your thoughts, even to meditate or pray. Your job in life is to hold up a light for others to follow. To achieve your full potential, you must come back from your hermitage eventually to tell others what you have seen, heard and learned.

X Wheel of Fortune. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are fortunate. Wheel of Fortune people have the ability to benefit from change. If this is your Key Card, you may even feel as if Lady Luck shines on you. When things happen around you, it always seems as if it's for the better. You always seem to not only make it through the bad times, but to come out better off in the end. To achieve your full potential though, you may need to work on improving your ability to predict and anticipate when things are about to change…"

Let me know if you have any trouble with your Key Card – and try to spend less time wishing you had a different Key Card and more time seeing if there is a lesson in owning yours! (In typing this out – I was like, awe, I wish I was…!)

Love to you,


Rowena said...

Ha Ha. Guess my card. What it always is. High Priestess.


Patty Kennelly said...

I'm a Magician. I'm resisting it. Not sure why, but can certainly see myself in it...

Sugar said...

Oh wow... Mine is Justice. I'm always so "proud" of my ability to discern things quickly or to see the story behind the words... the problem is that I tend to be a lot less trusting and not so easy to really forgive. I might say it, but it's not 100%. It's something I've been struggling with today. How funny...