Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mental Barriers

Dearest Goddesses,

So we've been talking about energy lately – and claiming more for ourselves by focusing more on what we can control and less on what everybody around us is doing wrong ;). The energy that this consumes – at least in my life – is huge and it keeps me from focusing on my own life (and what I get out of it is that I then don't have to take responsibility for my life because…"if you'd just straighten up, I could focus on my things!!") Anywho… my effort is to live more in the present, to live more in my life, to live more in what I can control and ultimately have more energy for myself. Suddenly – the mundane becomes a powerful action. Washing the dishes while bitching about this, that or the other not showing up exactly as you thought vs. washing the dishes – feeling the water on your hands, present to the shape of the soap bubbles in the sink, grateful for the warm water (or the dishwasher!). If a task like washing the dishes can be transformed…!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah – easy said, not so easy done! And as I was trying to be present in my day yesterday (but willfully stuck in my funk) and cursing the fact that I chose this week not to criticize and should on John, I got this horoscope from

"…It is possible for you to prevent your obligations from interfering with your well-being by building a figurative wall between them in your mind. Many people allow thoughts of their personal or professional responsibilities to occupy their thoughts even when involved in other unrelated pursuits. When a barrier exists between your survival concerns and matters of your individual evolution, you are free to focus fully on one or the other as the situation demands. Neither realm of your life will have the ability to invade the other or to become a distraction that prevents you from fulfilling your potential. Your thoughts will be yours to control at will. The worries associated with a particular duty won't encroach upon those that follow today when you erect a mental barrier between different areas of your life."

Mental barriers, huh? Well, it's worth a try – I want to keep the energy flowing and these concerns are like dams that impinge on the flow. I feel like I do a very good job of "getting off it" and putting things into perspective, but there always seems to be this energetic drip of preoccupation that keeps me from being completely present. Perhaps simply visualizing the preoccupation in a room by itself – allowing it to be there – allowing it to exist (I think sometimes pretending it doesn't exist is like inviting it to grow!) – but keeping it separate from my present.

Get your concerns out of your present and try visualizing the mental barriers today – let me know if it works.

Love to you,


Rowena said...

That sounds intereting. I am going to try it.

I do multi task an awful lot and don't know if that's a good thing.

One thing I am going to try to do to take care of stuff within my control is to work on a personal schedule... with dedicated time for all the things I think are important to me, and allowed time for all the survival things... and specific time for all the things that I want to do to make daily life better for me and my kids.

Patty Kennelly said...

That, my dear, sounds BRILLIANT! I will second that motion and take that on myself.