Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GPS Continued


Dearest Goddesses,

I wanted to share two responses I got from yesterday´s Daily Goddess…(by the way, why doesn´t spell check work in the title? Sorry for yesterday´s Dialy Goddess…)

From Susan:

Patty, I love this idea of a life gps.  I think we have one --  built right in -- we just don't turn it on! or tune it in...it's that inner voice don't' you think?  Often drowned out by the static of life when we are not moving mindfully...so, slowing down, quieting down and tuning in and you have your own personal internal Janie! 

From Rowena:


I believe you are not aware of the Welsh version of my name. It is in fact Gps, but people don't seem to understand the no vowels thing, and rowena sounds better.

Now, knock it off and go join one of those online creative groups I've been sending you.

Silly mama.

That's what G calls me anytime I don't listen to him.


It´s absolutely perfect, because of course there is that inner GPS and sometimes when you´re blind and deaf to the directions that it gives, the people in your life step in and help direct you. I feel like it´s been a looooooonnnng time since I was silent enough to be able to hear the directions. I´ve been too busy listening to worry and doubt and my own judgment. Moving mindfully, slowing down, taking purposeful steps. Or enroll a person in your life to be more overt until you actually slow down.

I´m up for the challenge. To slow down and stop listening to the chatter and to truly connect to Nut and the mysteries she has for us and also to the people in my life who I hope will keep nagging me!

Have a quiet day goddesses!


Love to you,



Rowena said...

Actually, I was trying to be a little funny. I'm not even sure you should "knock it off" or beat yourself up.

I suggest you take it slow. For you, I think your journal is the key. I think you would be able to listen if you did your morning pages, and if you did some art journaling.

This isn't an external pressure you need. This is all about how you relate to yourself. So just sit down with you.

Like I suggested on my blog, take 15 minutes on the timer and play with paints. Or start collecting images of what you want your life to be. Don't stress about it. The art is not there to add more have-tos to your life.

There's a fine balance... to actually get yourself to DO without feeling bad if you don't.

Rowena said...

You ARE doing your journal pages, aren't you?