Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here Comes The Sun


Dearest Goddesses,


I woke up a little blue this morning – no particular reason. It might have to do with not being able to remember the last time I saw the sun! But as I was sitting in the car waiting for John to get our morning decaf´s, I looked up at the sky. What I saw at first was the grey-black clouds, but when I looked closer, those clouds were moving real fast and peeking out from behind was this beautiful blue sky with peppered white clouds. I thought of flying on an airplane and a lot of times, even if you take off in a crummy storm, you get high enough to where the sun is shining and you are flying through puffy, white clouds.


That view – that sunny, blue sky is the backdrop. The clouds and storm systems are just passing through, making its way. You´ll always have the good days and the bad days – the sunny and the not so sunny – but if the sunny days are truly the backdrop – then the other is just a storm doing its business. And living in Atlanta now and knowing that the one thing that would probably fill Lake Lanier is a hurricane – there is a definite time and a place for storms in our life. Rain helps things grow.


So take the storms and ride them, for they are just passing through and be confident that your backdrop is sunny blue skies with fluffy white clouds. It´s true! I witnessed it today! (Now I also witnessed the Easter Bunny when I was a kid too, but I think that was just our goddess Nut playing in mystery…!)


Find your blue skies ladies!


Love to you,



Rowena said...

I'm trying. It's hard to remember in the moment, but I'm trying.

I just joined twitter. I've been hearing so much about it, and now I've gone and done it.

Angela said...

Thank you for this, I've been feeling quite down of late, struggling to pick myself up and feel optimistic, and this has helped me. Thank You!

Angela :)