Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life GPS

A couple of months ago, John and I were gifted a GPS and it has changed our lives. Suddenly we don´t need pages and pages of mapquest printouts in order to get somewhere and that is priceless in a new city – especially one where you can be at the corner of Peachtree and Peachtree at any given time. It´s changed our experience and freedom in the car, not to mention the improvement of our relationship – getting lost is just one less thing we have to fight about!

I can´t help but crave a GPS for my life though. Janie, which we have affectionately named our GPS tells us our next move – keeping our final destination in mind and when we aren´t paying attention, or we make an "unscheduled" stop, or whatever – she simply recalculates and non-judgmentally lets us know our next move, even if that move is "turn around when possible". I want to plug in my goals and dreams and have a gentle reminder to get me back on track when I get distracted or am not acting in line with what I am committed to. Simple reminders to exercise, eat right, create, write my goddess emails.

If I were a bit more disciplined I would say I would do it myself – create some habits so that I can plan and assess each day. What´s an undisciplined girl without a life GPS to do? ;) Knock it off, I suppose and just do it.

But then, the Goddess speaks. I wrote this before I looked up which goddess from The Goddess Oracle would speak this week – and funny how Nut comes go guide us to embrace the mystery of life. Please read her and open to the mystery, while keeping your goals in mind.

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Rowena said...


I believe you are not aware of the Welsh version of my name. It is in fact Gps, but people don't seem to understand the no vowels thing, and rowena sounds better.

Now, knock it off and go join one of those online creative groups I've been sending you.

Silly mama.

That's what G calls me anytime I don't listen to him.