Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finding Your Rhythm

Dearest Goddesses,

Well, I hope you have missed my daily musings – I certainly have missed them. I’ve had a challenging month personally and logistically – and finally am feeling like we’re back up and running, taking steps forward.

Of course the past few weeks for me have been all about the next goddess that was on my list – Morgan le Fey representing Rhythms. I sort of felt like a salmon this past month, flowing upstream – only not making as much progress as they do! Communication was harder logistically, even when I did communicate, I felt disconnected or felt like I was saying the wrong thing – it was very strange – very “out of body”. So I suppose the time was my way of reconnecting to my own rhythm – listening a little harder at what there was for me to hear, reconnect with my heartbeat, reconnect with the world, get myself centered.

Connecting to your own rhythm really is key – and sometimes recognizing that you are fighting is the first step to figuring out what that rhythm is. Allowing yourself to get quiet, to turn off the white noise that you allow to distract you (television, telephones, internet, spider solitaire, cleaning, suduko) you’ll be able to hear a beat that starts to light you up. I’m certainly in it right now – not quite feeling like the current is flowing strongly in my direction yet – but I’m not fighting to get upstream anymore. I’m working on finding my own rhythm instead of just jumping in on someone else’s dance cause it might seem easier to dance to (or just louder!!)

I’ve missed you all – I look forward to hearing all about your own rhythms and rediscover that beat that drives me. Drink in Morgan la Fey – enjoy her. And for more of her mythology, definitely pick up Marion Zimmer Bradley’s, The Mists of Avalon – thank you Melissa for introducing me to that delicious book.

I will ease in to today – and look forward to tomorrow.

Much love,


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