Thursday, March 6, 2008

Listen for the Beat

Dearest Goddesses,

I must be dealing with some bad electrical mojo because now that my internet is up and running, my computer seems to be on the fritz...

In my effort to look at rhythms and find my own beat, I can't help but hear that annoying skipping sound which manifests itself as distraction, circumstance, fear, anxiety, depression, gossip - any number of things that keep me from the flow - keep me from my greatness. I'm not sure those skipping sounds ever fully go away - but I think the more you tend to flow with your own rhythm and not focus on the skipping, the more it simply becomes part of the background - part of the song - like a scratch, scratch, scratch. I'm looking at my own beliefs and how they manifest quickly. I decided that there is something about the house that I'm living in that is hindering our ability to get our communications up and running. So of course - I've found a lot of evidence to support this. I think that's why it's so important to spend conscious time with gratitude - to find evidence to support the beliefs of "Everything works out for me" "I am open to the abundance of the universe" "I am always taken care of", etc.

One thing that keeps coming at me these past few weeks is the idea of clarity - Clarity of where I am going, what it is that I am up to - the ability to see the big picture. It is through clarity that you can begin to hear your own beat, fulfill your own needs, get taken care of.

Keep working on your rhythm ladies - recognize the skipping sounds in your own life, but don't fool yourself into thinking that's your beat. It's just a part of a greater song that you need to discover.

Love to you,

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