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Morgan le Fey: Rhythms

The following is excerpted exactly from The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and the illustrations are by Hrana Janto. For more information on their work, please visit the following websites:

Amy Sophia Marashinsky:
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Hrana Janto:


When I dance with Life

I dance my own rhythm

I keep my own time

My soul’s tides are aligned

And flow

With my beat: my own unique expression

By honoring myself

I honor all

When you dance with Life

what’s your rhythm

Is it quick or slow

lively or liturgical

repetitious or ever changing

Do you let the tempo serve you

or unnerve you

soothe you

or seethe you

mettle you

or unsettle you

Do you know?


Morgan le Faye is a Celtic triple Goddess of death and rebirth, appearing as a beautiful young maiden, a powerful mother/creator, or a death giving hag. She was also a sea Goddess, for her name “Mor” in Celtic means sea. Her last name has two meanings: “the fairy” and “the fate”. In the Arthurian legends, she was half-sister to Arthur. It is said she manipulated Mordred, Morgan and Arthur’s son, by getting him to kill his father. As Arthur dies, Morgan le Faye comes to his aid by spiriting him to the magical island of Avalon, where she heals him, then casts him into a deep sleep from which he will awaken when the time is ripe.

Meaning of the Card:

Morgan le Faye has come dancing into your life with her drums and her magic to invite you to discover and live your rhythms. What are your personal rhythms? Do you know the best time for you to exercise, sleep, eat, be creative, make love, work, etc cetera? Or do you spend all your vitality adjusting to the rhythms imposed on you by your work, family, lover, friends? Have you been submerged in the life of another and lived his/her rhythms instead of your own? Perhaps you never discovered your own rhythms because you wanted to please those around you and be “one of the team”. It is vital for you to live according to your own rhythms. Flowing with your rhythm brings you greater energy because you are no longer suppressing what is natural to you. Morgan le Faye says vitality, health and wholeness are nurtured when you flow with your own unique beat rather than against it.

Ritual Suggestions: Journey to Avalon
You can download this meditation at the following site for$3.00

Find a time and a place when and where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie comfortably with your spine straight and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release it slowly. Take another deep breath and release it as if you were a fire-breathing dragon, exhaling flames of tension. Take another deep breath and, as you release it, see how far you can exhale your flames of tension. Now take a deep breath and, as you exhale, see, sense or feel that you are on a small boat. It can be a boat you are familiar with or one that exists in your imagination. The boat rocks back and forth, back and forth, and you are rocking into a deep state of relaxation with it. It feels so comfortable to be gently rocked by the boat as you are carried across the water, securely and safely.

You look up and see a curtain of mists. Slowly the mists open, creating a passageway for your boat. After you enter, the mists close. Before you is the island of Avalon. Your boat lands and you step out. Morgan le Faye greets you and welcomes you to Avalon.

She asks you what you need and you tell her you have come for assistance with your rhythms. She takes you by the hand and leads you to her magical scrying pond, in the middle of a circle of apple trees. You both sit on some low rocks at the edge of the pond. Morgan le Faye takes her wand and stirs the pond. When the pond becomes still again, what you see on the surface of the pond is exactly what you need. You thank Morgan le Faye for her help and she asks you for something. You give it to her in gratitude, with an open heart. Then she escorts you back to your boat.

You enter the boat and it takes off. Again, the mists part for you, then close. The gentle rocking of the boat is soothing. You are returning, feeling clear and centered, returning, feeling you know what you need to do: returning, feeling refreshed and revitalized.

You take a deep breath and release it slowly, coming fully back into your body. Take another deep breath and, as you release it, open your eyes. Welcome back!

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